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Pandemonium Games is a game dev studio from Moldova focused on making great games and inspire and help other developers do the same thing.

Nick Bota

Discovered video games when I was 4 and fell in love with the art form immediately. 

Despite finishing my degree in business and finance and having a full-time job, I couldn't stand working on something I didn't love so I decided to start making games in Unity in my spare time.  Shortly after I quit my job and focused completely on learning the craft. 

6 year have passed since that moment and I can say it turned out quite well, I have created more than 50 games, I'm currently working for the studio that makes Hashiriya Drifter(one of the top racing games on Android and iOS) and have some very interesting personal projects in development.

I don't want this to sound cocky, I still feel like I'm a rookie and I'm constantly facing challenges and learning new things but I already feel like the games that I create don't suck so that's a start 😀

Follow me if you want to see my progress and my occasional devlogs and tutorials. Also feel free to ask my anything related to game dev or Unity, I'd be glad to help!

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